Event Photography in Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Parker Denver and beyond! While it seems like event photographers are a dime a dozen, it’s amazing how few real photographers there actually are in Colorado. If you’ve ever been burned by an inexperienced event photographer, you understand the difference. Send us a message with your event details, and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you. 

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With so much natural beauty in Colorado, it’s important for any photographer worth their salt to really understand the fine points of taking a landscape photo. Subtle adjustments and key pieces of theoretical knowledge can take a grainy, blown-out picture of mountains and turn it into a frame-worth piece of art. Everything from buildings and landmarks, to skylines and parks have been requested by countless people and city/town governments. Check out our full portfolio for more information. 

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What is Lifestyle Photography and why do you need it? Sometimes a simple picture of a product, person, or event won’t do. Sometimes you really need to paint a picture and the consumer needs to see a “scene” to feel the full depth of your message. While a picture of your bar’s latest cocktail needs to look sharp for the menu, you might want to advertise it in a more alluring way with creative lighting in a more humanistic setting with creative lighting at a creative location. 

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Product photos can make or break your business. Really. Even the casual observer can tell when a photo is professionally done and when it was shot with an iPhone to throw on Instagram. Your customers remember 80% of what they SEE, but only 20% of what they read. Test yourself – close out of this page and think about what stuck out the most to you. It’s probably not this text. 

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