Signs it’s Time to Rebrand

Rebranding is common among successful businesses. It can even be necessary for unsuccessful ventures. Rebranding can be as simple as color changes to your logo or complete makeovers including a new website or changes to your branding guidelines.

Rebranding can be a way to state your company’s intent and commitment to moving forward. This may prove as an evolution or a shift in the perception of your brand.

3 Reasons you might want to REBRAND:

1) Image Change – Has your brand gone stale, or does it have a bad rap? Changing your image allows you to breathe new life into your company, invigorating the image and excitement around your brand. Creating a new logo and color scheme is a simple way for viewers to identify with a new brand outlook.


2) Grab a New Audience – Sometimes it’s necessary to introduce your company and brand to a new group of potential clients/customers. Rebranding allows your company to change or expand it’s marketing potential with a new or updated look and feel. Pushing that new look and feel through an updated website and a social media campaign is one of the best ways to get your new image, brand and message out.

3) Evolution of your brand may be the key to its success – Maximum exposure for your brand means keeping up with the demands of your potential reach. Today’s marketing demands move fast and involve a lot of different buyer segments who require different things in a brand. Are your viewers color savvy? Does your brand reflect modern or traditional aspects? Is there an expected feeling that should accompany your company’s image ? An evolving brand can excite old and new clients, proving your brand is in touch with today’s markets and ready to change with the needs.

Markets don’t stay static. So, should your brand? If your market, and competition, continue to evolve will your brand and company fall behind? You don’t have to reinvent your company and its mission to rebrand. Sometimes a simple shift in design or colors can be enough to spark some much needed attention, so that, if needed, your company is ready to evolve with the needs of its clients and market. Other times you may need to update your logo, or reinvent your website, or do a relaunch with all new colors, graphics and marketing material. Whatever you do, if your market requires you to evolve to stay relevant, think abo

ut the demands your industry might request from your branding.