Everyone needs it, but few understand it. Social media management is the new frontier of brand identity, but it comes with a few key problems. One – it can be confusing at first, and difficult to keep up with. Two – it is very time-consuming to do it effectively. Three – it’s very hard to come up with compelling content consistently. That’s where we come in. 

As a full-service media agency, we can analyze your social media needs, construct a useful and effective social media plan, create original content that is consistent with your brand identity, and execute it through the proper channels. 

Here are just a few examples of how we accomplish this for our clients:



Who doesn’t love analytics? Who?? Most people. Love of analytics is reserved for a very special group of people. But, unfortunately, it’s the critical first step to evaluating your social media needs. Proper analytics involve more than checking the dashboard of your Facebook page once in a while (but that does have some valuable information). It’s a complex process of determining which social media platforms will be most effective for your business or service. 



There are so many ways to target an audience these days, and with so much customer data available now, you’ve got to take advantage of it. Whether you’re setting up a social campaign to launch a new product, or just want to get more eyes on your content, we can help you find the right people across any platform. 

Facebook’s underlying algorithm is complicated and ever-evolving. We know how to stay on top of the changes and ensure you can reach as many people as possible with Facebook ads, how you can grow and make the best use of your Instagram audience, and organically draw customers to your website and social media pages with compelling content aimed at their specific behaviors and demographics. 


Even when  you are able to manage your own social media marketing, are you creating compelling content? Facebook – the world’s largest social media site and marketing tool – has recently cracked down on posts that come from company pages. They want to focus on content that is compelling, and generates meaningful interaction. 

With a graphic design, video production and copywriting team at our disposal, your social media will be personal, professional, engaging, compelling and ensure that as many people see your amazing content as possible! This example is from a social video we created for one of our larger clients.