Why You Still Need to Blog – Even in 2018

Why you STILL need to be blogging, even in 2018:


Google still gives priority to websites that are frequently updated, and search indexing is still rooted primarily in written content. That doesn’t mean blogs are “the most” important part of a website, just that they are a vital part of your overall SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan.

2. A Chance to prove yourself as an expert

There’s only so much content you can share. Everyone’s seen the same posts, and the chance you’ll get any clicks with regurgitated feed fodder is low. Be an expert; show your creativity, originality and expertise by creating and sharing your own content (which, refer back to point #1, brings more people to your website).

3. A chance to update your skillset with a CMS like WordPress

Blogging can also force you into learning what has become a crucial skill in the marketplace – using a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress effectively.

4. It’s great practice for other vital communications

Writing will always be a part of business in some form or another. Whether it’s carefully crafting a marketing email, writing up white papers, or building an instructional manual from scratch, writing is a skill that is only honed through relentless repetition. Blogging is a great way to see what works and what doesn’t in a relatively casual environment.

Don’t sleep on the art of the written word just yet – it’s as powerful and important as ever.