Digitial Marketing Campaign

Douglas County Open Space Initiative

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2022 Colorado Election

In a tense and divisive political climate, Versatility Creative Group was tasked with getting a key issue on the 2022 ballot, and implementing a campaign to pass a tax that supports the parks, trails, open spaces and historical preservation of Douglas County, Colorado. 

Campaign Objectives

– Collect Signatures Electronically

– Get the Issue on the 2022 Ballot

– Create a Full Digital and Print Campaign

– Influence a “Yes” Vote in the November 8th Election 

Campaign Deliverables

– Website 


– Photos

Social Media Accounts

– Digital Advertising 


Yard and Road Signs  

Campaign Obstacles

– Starting from Scratch

– Accelerated Timeframe

– Getting County Commissioner Approval

– Pushback from Constituents Who are Concerned About County Spending

Campaign Solutions

– Messaging that focuses on no “new” taxes

– Multi-faceted communication plan and content calendar

– Repeated exposure through search, display and video advertising

– Reaching a wider demographic through social media platforms

– Emotion-evoking video 

– Focus on visually stunning content


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Running a Successful Campaign

Landslide Victory

After reaching 164,679 people through digital marketing (and thousands more through billboards and other signage), the residents of Douglas County voted overwhelmingly (87.6%) voted yes on Ballot Issue 1A. It was one of the largest margins of victory for any issue in the state of Colorado. 

19 Videos Produced

Custom shot with drones and agency production gear.


Collect signatures digitally, collect donations, and drive thousands of website sessions.


Logo, typography, color scheme, slogan and other graphics.

Graphic Design

Yard signs, billboards, social media graphics, print ads.

Social Media

38,032 people reached through social media (Facebook and Instagram)

Digital Ads

129,000 people reached through the Google network.

Our award-winning Graphic Design team went to work right away, creating a brand guide, logo, color scheme, and a look and feel that focused on the natural beauty of Douglas County. Our graphic design collateral included yard signs, road signs, flyers, billboards, leave-behinds, and more! 

Branding & Graphics

Campaign Video Content

The Beauty of Douglas County

To ensure our campaign was able to convey our messaging most effectively, a key objective was to create and film several videos on location around Douglas County. Reminding residents of the stunning visual beauty of the county was vital to reiterate to them how important their way of life is, and to not take it for granted by getting out to vote! These videos were used in digital ads (YouTube, Google Network) as well as social media.

Final Call to Action
Dawson Butte (Ambient)
Resident Interviews
Sandstone Ranch (Ambient)
Location Compilation
Spruce Mountain (Ambient)
Bluffs Regional Park
Quarry Mesa
Dawson Butte
Hidden Mesa
Lincoln Mountain Open Space
Festival Park

Social Media

As the campaign gained momentum, it was important to highlight that, especially every time we received an endorsement from a major entity in Douglas County. Overall, 38.032 people were reached through social media marketing, which included custom graphics, videos and other campaign messaging. 


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