Getting Ready for a Spring Photoshoot in Colorado

Winter (aka early spring) can be a great time to get out and shoot the elements in Colorado. While others won’t brave the unpredictable weather to get “that shot,” you have a chance to be a part of the 1%. Creating lasting shots of the changing spring landscape during a storm is only part of your story. How you get those shots gives you plenty to talk about with everyone who admires your work.

Tips From our Pro Photographers

 Dress warm enough to stay out in the elements for hours. If you’ve been in Colorado for any amount of time, you know to plan for many types of weather. It takes time to get the right shots; be prepared so you don’t have to rush! Go to the bathroom if one isn’t going to be nearby (and the best locations probably don’t have a bathroom nearby). Wear waterproof pants and bring a coat. Your shots will look better if you’re not afraid to get down into the snow or water. Bring snacks so you’re not tempted to turn in too early. Keep your gear packed and safe while roaming around. Make sure your gear is weatherproof, or take precautions to keep it safe while shooting (e.g. an umbrella, etc.). Bring lens tissue since you’ll likely get moisture on your lens and eyepiece. Use a graduated ND filter: The sky in winter and spring can be harsh; you need to balance it out and knock down your exposure closer to your subjects. Try to keep your sky (or brightest area) to a maximum of 1-1.5/2stops above your subject’s f-stop. Then recover in post-production. Bring a flash to balance out for overcast skies or reflective snow. If possible, think about turning down your contrast to see into the dark shadows balanced out by the brightness around. You can always add it back in later. The contrast between summer and winter conditions lends an entirely new story to your pictures. Think about how your subjects change because of their environment--there’s a story in there! Use the weather as an opportunity to shoot what used to feel boring. Different elements show your subject a different way; what was boring before may have a new twist. Walk up that hill, tread out in the field, go where you don’t see footprints. Get a new perspective.