Branding is a pretty broad term, but it fits logo design well. Your logo is one of the first things, and almost certainly the most memorable thing, that your customers will see. So to start building your brand, you've got to start with a really great logo. This is why we really oppose companies who offer $5 logos, or even deeply discounted logos. This is the foundation on which the rest of your brand is built! If you don't have a solid foundation, the rest will crumble in time. Careful modern logo design tells your brand's story without trying too hard. The shapes in a logo send a subliminal message. The colors you select for your brand make customers feel a certain way, and it's important to understand when to use which colors. The tone you take in everything you write, and matching your colors, logo and tone to every medium is extremely important. This is how we go about brand management, and how we help people create and elevate their company's presence.

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Here are a few samples of our modern logo design. We have an absolutely massive catalog, however, so if you'd like to see more, reach out to info@vcgmedia.com and we'll be happy to chat!