We offer custom-built pricing to suit the exact needs of your projects. This allows us to provide a quote that sets realistic expectations without surprise charges that go beyond your budget. It won't take much to give you a cost estimate, but we do want to talk to you first. Your brand's identity is far too important to just take a shot in the dark. We don't "trap" you with a pre-determined, fixed price. It's just not an effective way to do business in our industry. If you scour the Internet long enough, you will find pricing information for many services. Consider, however, that the cost of video and other services is very difficult to standardize. Why? Companies that charge an upfront price don't always have your best interests in mind. If you pay a fixed cost for video, what do you think you're getting for your money? How does that company know your messaging? Your brand? Your tone? The answer is: they don't. You might find a company who offers "packages," with a huge range of prices. This is a step in the right direction, because typically you will have a little more flexibility. However, a pre-determined package price still makes a lot of assumptions. If you're spending good cash for something, why would you want to be limited in any way? The same goes for web design, social media management and graphic design. Above all else, we care that we are elevating your business and doing whatever we can to put your brand in the best light--to tell the best story possible. That means talking to you on the phone, meeting with you in person and really getting to understand your goals. For that reason, it's very hard to provide any kind of pricing information upfront on the site. To be 100% clear, we do have options that will be suitable for just about any budget. And we are absolutely clear about what you can expect cost-wise before we start any project. We will never surprise you with additional charges and we are competitively priced. We just want to get to know you and your company's a pretty simple idea. This is not a sales technique to get your email address, it's just a good business practice.

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