What You Don't See is the Most Important Part

When you think about video production, you probably think commercials, TV shows or movies. But the reality is that most video production doesn't fall neatly into any of those categories. In Colorado, and around the nation, we specialize in video production for companies who want to deliver any message to their customer - whether that takes the shape of a longform company profile video, training video, web commercial, broadcast commercial, recruiting videos, or something that will be used for internal employee consumption only. We all know what the final product of a video looks like, but not too many of us sit and think about the incredible amount of planning that goes into a production. There's the script writing - which occurs even if there is no written dialogue. There's the review and approval process, the production planning process, scouting locations, coordinating talent and the production team, and of course the actual production shoot. This video gives you a fun, and very quick look into the frantic behind-the-scenes life of the day of the shoot. So keep in mind, people who promise you a suspiciously cheap video product are missing some crucial steps along the way that are going to seriously affect the quality of the video and the impact of the message.