3 Signs it's Time for Your Brand to Evolve

A logo is the face of a brand, and branding plays a huge part in a company’s success. Branding is the identity of a company formed by consistent behavior, messaging and visual components. Good branding keeps your company, products and services top-of-mind for customers and increases the likelihood of clients and consumers recommending your company to other people.
So, how do you know it’s time to update your branding?

How Often Should You Change a Logo?

Certain graphic elements age better than others (e.g., minimalism, simple imagery, timeless color palettes, etc.), and some industries, products or services will be able to retain their branding longer than others. The lifespan of a logo is not limited— some brands have stood the test of time while others find the need to change within a couple years. There is no set rule for how often a logo should be redesigned, but generally, it’s good to assess it about every five years. This allows enough time to establish existing branding, while building confidence with your customers, but also allows you to appropriately gauge the industry, clientele and competitors to make sure your brand is competitively relevant.

Three Surefire Signs it's Time to Evolve Your Logo and Branding

1. Your Logo or Brand Feels Outdated

The illustrative style of a company’s logo may forecast how long it will stay relevant. Some typefaces and graphic embellishments are associated with certain periods of time, which may date your designs, limiting their effective use. While some companies benefit from intentional “dated” branding, it’s generally best to assess your industry and messaging and come at it from a marketing perspective of what will “sell” your company in the best light.

Wells Fargo had this logo from 1852-2009.
They moved to this more modern logo after 2009.

2. The Company Evolves

Companies undergo changes as they mature and grow. When there is a change in mission, products, services, or other inner-organizational workings, you may wany to evaluate your logo and brand to help drive the new messaging.

3. Your Logo Does Not Serve Its Purpose

Sometimes, a logo design simply sucks. Maybe it’s your fault or maybe just a design flaw. It could be cluttered, dated, illegible, has unrecognizable symbolism, uses color poorly, or is just plain ugly. If this is the case, the logo is probably not serving its purpose, and a redesign can only do you good.

While it’s wise to create a sense of stability within your consumer base, change is inevitable, and your brand should consistently reflect and evolve with your customer’s needs. Giving your logo a refresh is an exciting way to breathe new life into your business!


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