4 Videos to Use on Your Business Website Right Now

Video is at an all-time high and with people staying safer at home they’re spending more time than ever consuming video. In fact, a recent study by Zenith shows that people will spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos in 2021.

With the lack of in-person meetings, everyone is looking for human connection and with this trend likely to continue through 2021, video can help make that bond. If you are looking to connect with your audience in 2021, you can’t ignore video any longer.

Many think that the use of video in marketing means a television commercial and while using video in broadcast is still highly effective, there are many other uses for video as well. Your website is a great place to engage with clients and potential clients.

Now start effectively using video on your website right now.

Corporate Profiles

A Corporate Profile video is essentially a short documentary on your company, who you are, what you stand for and how you help your clients. Corporate Profile videos are a great way to make your story more personal, give your clients an inside look at the human side of the company and entice prospective employees.

Corporate Bios

You’ve provided an overview of the company but what about the key players? Everyone is accustomed to seeing a written bio under the headshot of key members and employees at an organization but adding a video bio, especially during a time when we aren’t seeing much of each other in person, builds trust and confidence. Again, being able to obtain a sense of human connection until we can all be back in-person.

Product/Service/How-To Videos

Do you have a product or service that requires a bit of explanation? How about a procedure that would benefit from a How-To walk thru? Video provides the opportunity to create an interactive and visual representation. Voiceover, graphics and dynamic visuals will ensure the message you are trying to convey will be delivered properly every time.

Testimonials/Reviews/Case Studies

Sometimes it’s hard to toot our own horn and feels disingenuous. What better way to tell how great you are than to have your satisfied customers do it on your behalf? Having a client provide an honest, on-camera testimonial or review lets potential clients see real satisfied customers talk about how you solved their problem, provided them with a great product or service and how you can help others.

Where do all these videos fit on your website?

The Corporate Profile can live right smack on the “Home” page or under the “About Us” section. Instead of giving your website visitors a long history to read on your company, give them an entertaining and informative video to watch.

Corporate Bios have a place on the “Meet our Team”, “Staff” or however you label your key players page.


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