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The term, “you get what you pay for” definitely applies in the creative world. How do you value your company and its brand? Probably worth more than  some faceless “artist” offering up $5 logos from thousands of miles away. For example, the effort that it took to get you to this chapter in your story is worth more than a propped-up iPhone camera and some generic stock footage – so if you’re looking for that, just close out of the browser now. We craft your creative elements from top to bottom with REAL video, graphic design, photography, social media and website design, from a REAL team of artistic professionals, all working together for your brand.  

We offer custom-built pricing to suit the exact needs of your projects. This allows us to provide a quote that sets realistic expectations. It won’t take much at all to give you a cost estimate, but we do need to understand your project just a bit. 


We don’t “trap” you with a pre-determined, fixed price. It cheats the client. In other words, it’s just not an effective way to do business in our industry. Some services may have ranges or a starting price point, but understanding your needs helps get you an exact, not-to-exceed estimate. A “fixed”, or “tiered” pricing model would mean we don’t know how to price our work, OR we over charge everyone just to stay within budget. This is not what we do.

If you pay a fixed cost for video production, web design or other services, what do you think you’re getting for your money? How does that company know your messaging? Your brand? Your tone? What your audience needs for style and aesthetics? The answer is: they don’t.


Above all else, we care about elevating your business and designing whatever we can to make sure you succeed–to tell the best story possible. How do you value your company and brand?


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