Versatility Wins Silver at 2023 MUSE Creative Awards Competition

DENVER – Versatility Creative Group, a Creative Marketing Agency in the Denver Tech Center, earned a Silver award at this year’s MUSE Creative Awards competition. This year’s entry, the Protect Open Space digital marketing campaign, was a cohesive, all-team effort showcasing the video, graphic design, marketing strategy, social media management, leadership and communication skills of the entire team.

With over 6,500 entries, Versatility is proud to have its work showcased among organizations such as Ogilvy, NBC Universal, Paramount, Coach, VOX Media, Getty Images, Mastercard and more! 

“We’re excited to head into fall and continue an incredible year of growth and we’ve got our sights set on our next award-winning marketing campaign. We’ve assembled an awesome creative marketing team, and we’re really optimistic knowing that the growth we’re experiencing now is just the beginning, and even bigger projects are on the horizon,” said Sandy Michael, Partner and Chief Relationship Officer of Versatility Creative Group.

Protect Open Spaces — Digital Campaign Entry

In a tense and divisive political climate, Versatility Creative Group was tasked with getting a key issue on the 2022 ballot, and implementing a campaign to pass a tax that supports the parks, trails, open spaces and historical preservation of Douglas County, Colorado. 

After reaching 164,679 people through digital marketing (and thousands more through billboards and other signage), the residents of Douglas County voted overwhelmingly (87.6%) voted yes on Ballot Issue 1A. It was one of the largest margins of victory for any issue in the state of Colorado. 

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About the MUSE Creative Awards

The MUSE Creative Awards is a part of the MUSE Awards Program, which was created by the International Awards Associate (IAA) in 2015. IAA’s inception was based on a mission to honor, promote and encourage creativity by providing a new standard of excellence for evaluating media design production and distribution. IAA’s mission has largely shaped MUSE Creative Awards’ goals.

At its core, MUSE Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals who inspire others to greater heights. With their concepts, ideas or designs, these creatives light a fire in others to strive further, thus becoming a muse.

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